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 Milestones started receiving emails lately requesting assistance to find long lost friends and classmates. These requests are now posted here.  If you recognize a name and can assist, please email the person searching and let him/her know. With your help, we can find each other.

 it was our graduation day, of course we were all having mixed emotions, happy and sad. for one, wow! we did it! i am proud to be an alumna of MRHS,QC! we had the best teachers in the world! we had the best preparation for college. we were sad to leave "home" which was MRHS, we were sad to leave our best friends who we grew up with, our crushes who ignored us forever! our old flames, who knows if we're still going to see each other after graduation? the music we listened to. of course, the graduation march sent tears to my eyes, after the ceremonies, we hugged each other, never wanting to let go. but wait, during the night.....hah! the graduation party, i remember the song "ROCK THE BOAT" We had a blast in the party. i just wish we will not stop having reunions. i also wish that those abroad, especially our batch, '75 will really make an effort to come home. guys, not all of us can afford to go abroad! you know how tight US immigration is.
 marina socorro gatus
emailed:Nov. 27.2005
memories of '75

May 5, 2006 Hi, I urgently need to contact a alumni member, but i cannot find his email address. I need to contact NELSON GALINDO, he is my cousin, son of my mother's sister, last I heard , he is in Vallejo??? My name is GLENN MANGROBANG DUMLAO and I can be contacted at this email address as well as at telephone +63.916.623.4396 (Philippines)
I would apreciate if you can pass on my contact details to him.
Many thanks.
Glenn M. Dumlao
April 26, 2005: Just dropping a line to check if you still remember me?  I am Lamberto Gulapa the short boy who always camp with the CAT officers namely Nazarina Ramos, Urao, Hapal etc. Well, it's been 25 years date back when i first joined your group. I was always sent to Mrs. Miao's office (pusa a.k.a Mrs. Cruz guidance counselor) for not attending my class. Remember me? Anyhow, congratulation for this noble stuff for the mrhsnian!!!  Looking forward to have a homecoming with you and your family.  regards to all!

Lamberto Gulapa

Batch 8T4-8T5


Feb. 18, 2005:  I am an alumnus of Gen.Roxas Elem.School and presently based here in Kuwait since 1992. Although I transferred to Legarda Elem. School on my 6th grade, some of your Batch 80 alumni used to be my classmates since grade I. Wendell Peralta was my close friend. The other original Section I from grades 1-6 includes Ma. Luisa Teope, Ma. Lourdes Carcellar. Ariel Reyes, Ma. Gracia Sideco, Nazarina Ramos, Roel Esperanza, Danilo Bongalonta, Julia Estipona, Arlene Nastor came later on. I was trying to search for their e-mails to connect with any of them. Could you furnish their available e-mails? Leonardo Alimbuyog of Batch 81 or 82 is also here in Kuwait. Thanks.
R.Magsaysay H.S. (Manila), Batch 80'
November 28, 2004:  I hope you could shed information re the whereabouts of our former teachers. I'd be glad to hear if they're in Roxas still or somewhere else. Better if you could provide their email addys or any contact  number. Here's some of them in the following list; 1. Mr. Ronald Liangco - Practical Arts/ Elective -Drafting
2. Mrs. Marylin Cruz - Math
3. Mrs. Maglaya - Social Studies
4. Mrs. Josephine Tabirao - Science
5. Ms. Priscilla Reyes - Practical Arts
6. Mr. Gatan - P.E.
7. Mrs. Patrocinio Martires - English
8. Mr. Jaime Labide - P.E.
And a bunch of intern teachers who taught sometime in 1982...(this seems impossibel already). Anyway, thanks a lot for the effort.

God bless!

Bong Guerra