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The general assembly was attended by the following groups:

b75 -   6 members,  b77 - 14 members, b79 -  9 members, b80 - 5 members. The meeting started at 3:15. Opening prayer was led by Danny Pasa (77) and reviewed the issues to be taken up.


Rod Renolla of batch 7T5 discussed the multi purpose cooperative and will be opened for membership for MRHS,QC alumni. Mrs. Aguire, the current trailblazer adviser, reports the trailblazer achievements and ask for support. She also discussed the school plan for the upcoming 50th year celebration of MRHS. and the present school problems and needs. the need for establishing the association and the needs of the alumni officers.


Banjing Bautista (b77) suggested that each batch to come up with 5 representatives. The group agreed the 5 will represent their batch for each committee (5 at present) for, exe comm. finance, program, information, and the other to be announced after the 1st execomm meet.

Also agreed was, the exe comm representatives will choose among themselves who will be the alumni president.

Each batch submmitted 5 names of their batch representatives.

Batch 7T5

Rod Renolla - exe comm

Ching mogueis - information

Jose paredes

Rodolfo Lagasca

Vitha Regino-Concepcion

Batch 7T7

Danny pasa - exe comm

Al lamson - finance

Benjamin bautista - program

Al Vergara - Information

Ramon villien

Batch 7T9

Ulysses de guzman - exe comm

Juliet dionela-fajardo - finance

Joy velasco - program

Erl pabellon-elvina - information

Tomas testor

Batch 8T0

Cristina Pamandre-Tabtab - exe comm

Danny queri

Rose bello

Lydia rudolfo

Thelma paez

The exe comm delibarated and while the rest take a recess.Ulysses de Guzman of batch 79, was selected as the alumni president. Ulysses de Guzman delivered his message of acceptance and promise to give his best for the benefit of the majority and needy.

discussed also were the bingo game activity to raise funds. details of this will be tackled during the exec comm meet.

Ramon Villen (b77) closing prayer. Group picture taking

ULYSSES DE GUZMAN, First Alumni Association Chair
Congratulation to Ulysses de Guzman (b79), he was selected by the exe comm to lead the organization path and its objective.
After the deliberation of the exec committee, the group selected de guzman to be the chair, Danny Pasa (b77) eyed as one apt for the position begged off from nomination since his schedules might hinder the associations meeting sessions. nonetheless he promised to keep the spirit and will work the same, up to his best.

Batch 75 Multi Purpose Cooperative welcomes all MRHSQC alumni


Rod Renolla (b75), annouces that their multi-purpose cooperative will be opened memberbership for all MRHS graduates, members will enjoy benefits from the cooperative, some of which are; Employment, for those seeking jobs, the coperative will be offering general services works; low prices of prime commodities (rice, sugar, etc) interest on savings; and dividends loans for business.


Inform all your batchmates about this. For further details please contact Rod Renolla at #40 Scout Chuatoco st. Roxas dist. QC.. tel no. 376-44-93 for further details.




Current trailblazer adviser, reports their achievements during recently held Secondary School Press Confab;

Levy Uy - photo journalism (english ) - 2nd place

Jacquelyn Cayari - Junior Journalism (english) - 2nd place

Lea Villanueva - feature writting (filipino) - 3rd place

Jeffrey Calangian - sportswritting (filipino) - 3rd place

3rd & 4th year - Radio Broadcasting - 3rd place

Mrs. Aguirre is asking for our help to hone the students journalism skills, calling all alumni who's experties are in this field, please contact us if you want to share some of your talents.

Aguirre discussed also the school plan on the up coming 50th year celebration, theree will be a 2 day affair, we are requested to prepare a number for the celebration.




The dashing tigress, marvelous wide round eyed journalism/english mentor Vicenta Tena, one of the pillars of the school will be in manila on december, she will visit mrhs. Also, the daring hair scissor wielding commandante Dante Maribay, will also be here for a visit, Maribay is based in Canada.