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Freshman orientation seems like yesterday and yet here I am, after over two decades, reminiscing the day I began my studies at Manuel Roxas High School with an eager heart. While being involved in alumni events and fundraising activities, I could not have imagined the impression that MRHS would have on my life. My thoughts turned to my alma mater. It was only now I knew how I could remain involved and support the school that molded me into a knowledgeable person. The people I met, the books I read and the values and theories that gradually came to light my mind were only few experiences that enhanced my life, perhaps, more than I realize. Those were four years of endless discovery, bending my head to find the answers on who and what I was going to be someday.
Did I make it? Did graduates of MRHS metamorphose to the kind of being they dreamt to be? The answers lie only within ourselves. No matter how far my travels had been, MRHS remained etched in my mind. Soft sepia shades of the past were like movies spinning fastly from the reel. The white canvas where the scenes were pasted was me. I have lived embracing these remarkable memories.

 "One good thing leads to another." so the saying goes. Time has come to do my part; to put something back. MRHS offerred my life a great deal. I was a part of the adventure; the weekly oral recitations, surprise pop quizzes and tedious book reports; not to mention my affairs with  "Florante at Laura", the ever mind-boggling "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo".

That I couldn't forget. There were more, and more, and more. Through "Milestones" we can resurrect these memories. I see myself as one dot in a line of graduates stretching from the past and now extending to the millenium. More dots to go and the possibilities will be endless. Good ideas can flourish, plans can be realized. Soon we will be joined by others as MRHS alumni grows, although I hope it'll never grow old. I look forward to working with you dear classmates, dear schoolmates and dear friends and perhaps we can give something back to our alma matter.
MILESTONES is already devoted to your thoughts, concerns and opinions. Let us stay involved and our voices be heard. Essays in English and Pilipino, letters, photos, et. al. are welcomed and encouraged.

In closing, I ask each of you to reflect on the importance of your high school education and the friendships you made. I ask that you stay connected to by becoming involved; making a commitment to do something worthwhile and productive. Regardless of how great or small your contribution, your support is crucial to the continued success of our alma mater.
Anyone interested in becoming involved in the administration of this website is requested to email, fax or snail mail me. This site is continually being updated. Keep checking for additional news and opportunities for interaction. Enjoy the ride in remembering the past!


Bonette (Valdez) Cruzada
Batch 8T1, Rizal
Milestones' Administrator