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by Bonette Cruzada (8T1)
There were moments in my life when dreams of MRHS filled my starlit nights in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. I counted the years after my graduation and it totalled to ten years. "Ten years!" I blurted out. "Our class should be having a reunion by now." I thought. The year was 1991 when I started dreaming of Roxas High, my classmates, my teachers. I knew something was taking place somewhere in the streets of Roxas District and it was happening without me. My gut feeling was right. Alice told me they had it but also didn't make it to the party. I sighed a benign sigh, reminiscent of my high school days.

More years passed and still no reunion was being planned at the moment except this virtual reunion that Alice coined if only to appease our desires to get connected with our school mates and alma mater.

Homecoming, or sometimes termed as Reunion, is a great opportunity for graduates to observe what changes and developments the school and ex-classmates have made. It also gives current students with the chance to interact with some of the school's alumni and to make connections that will prove invaluable in their careers and lives. Aside from the world class fun that we can derive from it, it presents a tremendous opportunity for the school to recognize the wonderful support it receives from alumni and friends.

It's all for the memories I suppose. Homecoming is a rare opportunity for alumni to relive nostalgic memories, to renew old acquaintances,to network, participate and to be entertained. Just in case someone out there will attempt to organize one, you know where to reach me!

This article is Copyright 2000 Bonette Valdez-Cruzada. (February 19, 2000 Toronto, CANADA). All rights reserved.